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Ettikulam, a beautiful landscape, lies in the valley of Ezahimala adjacent to Payyannur Town in Ramenthali village, Kannur District, Kerala State. The greenish hands of Ezhimala glides into the Arabian Sea here. The place is known for his tranquil natural beauty.

Back in 1982 a small group of youth in the area, in age group of 18 to 25 years, pondered what went wrong in shaping the future of their generation. Rigidity of the conventional thoughts prevailed in the society, where they lived, social and economic backwardness of it, inabilities of parents, who had been deprived of education from generation to generation owing to lack of facilities and guidance, to give quality education to their children were the main reasons. It was a vicious circle. They had vowed to do whatever they could to break this circle to save their next generations. The result was “Ettikulam Muslim Educational Society”.

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