Science Laboratories: EMES equips highly sophisticated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.. At the secondary levels, experiments, research works, and projects are performed by students using advanced instruments and equipment. They are encouraged to ponder over their discoveries and challenge their judgments throughout sessions.

Computer Lab:  Our life would be an unthinkable mess without the operation of computer systems. The computer lab at the school is fully equipped to augment all kinds of IT concepts.

Library: The school has a well-stocked library covering a variety of subjects. Students are encouraged to make full use of the facilities in order to inculcate a love for books and a habit of reading from an early age.

Clinic: The clinic is staffed by nurses who assure that the children are safe and protected and are appropriately administered with first aid or emergency care as and when they arise within the school. The students and staff are given education and awareness on taking good care of their health, hygiene and overall well-being.

School Canteen:  The School Canteen serves nutritious and healthy snacks and drinks. It is a well-stocked facility and a strict standard of hygiene is maintained. It functions throughout the school timings.

School Transport: The school has buses that cover all areas of Ettikulam, Palakode, Karamuttam, Kunnaru, and Muttam. We emphasise comfort and care through our transport team.

Playing Field: Encouraging physical activity, the school has a large playing field to accommodate various games and sporting activities. The football and cricket pitch provides our students with excellent opportunities to develop their sporting talents. Outdoor KG and Primary play area Shaded play areas equipped with a variety of child friendly outdoor equipment has been specially designed for use by the younger children.

School Auditorium: The outdoor auditorium at the school can accommodate around four hundred students. Conferences, meetings, programmes, and school festivals are held in this auditorium.