Nurturing the natural ability.

We are all born with the propensity to achieve, succeed, and thrive in our endeavors. We have certain skills, talents and abilities that can be nurtured, shaped, formed, and encouraged. The human species has a vast number of these talents, skills and abilities, and it remains a wonder as to how some individuals reach the pinnacle of perfection with their skills and talents, and why others remain simply mediocre.  Certainly genetics, home environment, mentoring, and coaching all play a role in success.

Observing excellent role models with robust skills, and being provided with superlative tutoring and direct instruction also plays a major role in later life.

In EZHIMALA ENGLISH SCHOOL all our resources will be exploited to enable the children to nurture their in born natural ability and develop talents that will lead them to success.

In EZHIMALA ENGLISH SCHOOL children will have their full freedom and opportunity to explore their curiosity and nurture their in-born talents.

In EZHIMALA ENGLISH SCHOOL we provide the chamber and opportunity for every child to meet, communicate and comment with parents, teachers, intellectuals, eminent personalities, successful entities etc. to outcome their curiosities and nurture the ability hidden.

Why CURIOSITY is important..

Helps children develop their whole selves, including their minds.

Provides answers to many of the mysteries of daily life: What happens when I do that?

Increases children’s potential to learn new things and builds confidence in the ability to learn and grow.

Enhances children’s ability to be open-minded and tolerant of different ways of handling challenges.

Contributes to their enjoyment and awareness of the world


Fear:  When a child is afraid, she won’t explore and will stick with the familiar.

Disapproval: When a child hears “Don’t” all the time, his desire to experiment will decrease.

Absence: When a child doesn’t have a caring adult to share his new experiences.

Safety: When trying new things, he may stop trying if he do not have enough safety.

How to encourage Natural CURIOSITY

Show your own interest in what’s happening in your world and share with the children.

Encourage children to pursue their own interests (whatever they are interested in).

Answer questions simply, clearly, factually, and in keeping with the child’s developmental stage.

Ask open-ended questions (How do you feel about ___? Why is green your favorite color?).

Redirect a child’s interest but don’t discourage it (e.g., if he likes to pour his cup of water on the floor, provide opportunities to experiment with water in the bathtub or backyard).

Provide toys that encourage a child’s imagination and aren’t limited in their use.

Praise a child’s discoveries of new things and efforts to master new skills.

Encourage children to explore their natural surroundings and look for answers to their own questions

VISION: Our long term vision in business.

Who: Children’s who are under privileged, economically recessive and or educationally retrograde.

What: Up-to-date coaching facility that enables the child to nurture their positive natural ability and lead a Joyful and ethical life with self-confidence and selfless thoughts.

How:  Affordable, not-for-profit, accepting the changes and adopting to the future.


Our vision is to provide an affordable, not-for-profit and up-to-date coaching facility that are tolerant to vagaries and acceptance to the imminent for the under privileged, economically recessive and educationally retrograde children where they are able to nurture their natural ability and lead an ethical and joyful life with self-confidence and selfless thoughts.


MISSION:   Day to day activities that will lead to the vision

Our mission is to conduct consistent chambers where the children can continuously communicate and comment to their parents, teachers, intellectuals, eminent personalities and or successful entities by using the up-to-date technologies available.